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Doctor Iryna Kirichuk (MD)
Health is the most important human right. All of us have the right to live a healthy life. Become the advocate of your own health, and I will support you in this just cause! The great ancient physician and philosopher Hippocrates taught that “food should be your medicine, and medicine should be your food.” And this is what my method is all about, with the small addition that such food-medicine should be delicious, and the process of health treatment made enjoyable.   Non est census supersalutis corporis.                                                                Nothing is more important than health. In order to be resilient (being able to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like) our body needs to be understood and properly nutritioned. In other words, we need ‘fuel for a better life’, known to medical experts as Nutraceuticals: foods and beverages containing additives which provide extra nutritional and health value. They are also known under their more common name: Functional Foods and Beverages. Enjoying food is just as important for our health as getting the nutritional value out of food. When we enjoy the food we eat, our body produces Endorphins – Natural Pain & Stress Fighters. Endorphins originate in various parts of our body: hypothalamus, pituitary gland (hypophysis), spinal cord and throughout other parts of brain and nervous system. Mother Nature makes us healthy and happy when we eat wholesome yummy food; in this case our food becomes our medicine. Wholesome yummy Functional Foods & Beverages (Nutraceuticals) – this is what I specialise in. And I don’t just “preach” it, I am eating what I am preaching, and this is why I have not had any need for any conventional drugs for the last thirty years. So the big question is: Are you ready to live the life as a Healthy Human? I know that some people might respond to this question by saying: “Easier said than done, taking into account the fast-paced modern stressful life”. It is true: not all of us are able to eat 100% healthy and get all the necessary nutrients with food. However, there is an achievable compromise: Nutraceuticals in their concentrated form, known as Dietary Supplements and Supplementary Foods. Unfortunately, the majority of the currently available Dietary Supplements on the market (including the ones with the Natural Adaptogens) are sold to the consumer in the form of pills and capsules, which prevents any sensory detection of the Dietary Supplement by its consumer. This is totally against what the Mother Nature intended. List of Adaptogens My time-proven method is based on the obligatory oral introduction of the Dietary Supplement involving the direct consumer’s sensory detection. In this case the Doctor’s professional decision on the Dietary Supplement composition is either accepted or rejected by the way of patient’s sensory detection – which is exactly what the Mother Nature intended.
My educational background and professional experience makes me the Doctor authorised to speak on behalf of both Conventional Medicine and Natural Medicine. In 1984, after seven years of full-time study specialising in Pediatrics, I graduated with Honours from Odessa National Medical University (Ukraine) with the Diploma of Medical Doctor. I studied at those times, when medical students had to learn Latin. Officially recognised and scientifically researched types of Natural Medicine such as Herbalism were taught to us, too; thus my acquaintance with Natural Medicine started over thirty years ago. Conventional medical practice for the convenience of medical practitioners is divided into the specialties of Neurology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Dermatology, Urology, Immunology etc. My thirty years of practical experience tell me that such division is pointless. Any ailment is the result of the disbalance of our body as a whole. Therefore, when forming a diagnosis, I am most interested in determination of what causes the disbalance (disruption of Homeostasis). Only after the correct diagnosis is formed, I make the plan of the system balance restoration, and not treatment of the symptoms. My opinion is shared by the practitioners of Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine – the medical practice which takes into account all factors, including hereditary traits, specific lifestyle and environment. As far as the treatment is concerned, I do not believe in “universal remedies for all”. Each of us has a unique body. When I formulate 100% natural custom-made, bespoke remedies, I take into account all the specific factors reflecting the patient’s individuality. Certainly, all my remedies are Liver Friendly, Heart Friendly, Stomach Friendly and have no side effects. I also take into account that some of my patients would require Vegan Friendly remedies, and others might be on a Paleo-Diet. I also keep in mind that some people are allergic or super-sensitive to certain ingredients. Medicus curat, natura sanat.                                               The physician treats, nature cures. These words of the ancient Greek Physician Hippocrates are still true today. I have come to the conclusion long time ago that the best physician lives inside each one of us since the day we are born! Our immune system is our Dr Immunity (please don’t forget to wish him/her many happy returns on your Birthday). We owe our survival to our Dr Immunity, who not only knows better than any other Doctor in this world what is the best thing to be done for our health at each particular moment, but also works for us 24/7 free of charge. However, Dr Immunity relies on our support. If we ignore our Dr Immunity requests, the body’s balance is not maintained and immune responses arise from an abnormal immune response of the body against substances and tissues normally present in the body (autoimmunity). Multiple Sclerosis, Bronchial Asthma, Rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome –are vivid examples of such Autoimmune diseases. Mother Nature has created Herbs & Spices for Vitality covering all our needs. Everything necessary for our body system can be found in Nature. Our body system is a powerful factory synthesizing its own medicine knowing exactly what is needed and when. Our responsibility is to supply this powerful factory with the quality ingredients. How well do we fulfil this responsibility? This depends on what we choose to eat, drink and breathe. Of course, we do not choose to consume harmful viruses, bacteria, and pathogenic fungus, but we cannot completely avoid it. Not so long ago Louis Pasteur discovered the world of microbiology. This huge and still poorly understood microbial world which resides both outside and within each one of us, starting from birth, has been shown to have a huge effect on our physiology. Unfortunately, our personal Dr Immunity has to combat not only those harmful pathogens and the toxins they produce, but also the cunning schemes of the pharmaceutical entrepreneurs. “Thanks” to the pharmaceutical business and their increased sales of antibiotics we are now under the attack of the new generations of the antibiotic-resistant bacteria, known as “superbugs”. I can foresee that soon people will no longer be able to go to a physician to cure microbial disease and we will be forced back on our own resources – our Immunity system. It is a very dangerous myth that through man-made synthetic drugs we could defeat all disease organisms on this planet. Primum non nocere, seu noli nocere, seu cave ne laedas.                                                  First of all – do not harm, and be careful not to harm.                                                                       (From Hippocratic Oath) It is already proven that fast-food, junk food and any highly processed food does not contain a fraction of the nutrients that our inner ‘health factory’ requires daily to execute Dr. Immunity’s orders. Unluckily for us, we cannot always rely even on so called “healthy food”. For example, the preservative E220 (Sodium Sulphite, SO2) also known as sodium hydrogen sulphite or “sulphites” is added into almost all wines, fruit juices (including Certified Organic) and processed dried fruit. It is a toxic gas with a pungent, irritating, and rotten smell. Sulphur dioxide reacts with a wide range of substances found in food, destroying various essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential fatty acids. It is a prime cause of food sensitivities and associated headaches, rashes, and asthma. Those with severe allergies can actually suffer anaphylaxis (or restricted airways) and death due to consuming foods containing sulphites. Another example: Propylene glycol is produced from petroleum and is used to manufacture plastics. However, Propylene glycol (E-1250) is widely used as a solvent in many pharmaceuticals, including oral, e.g. as a substitute for alcohol for dissolving Propolis. And it is no secret that already known human responses to E-1250 may include: hypotension, bradycardia (arrhythmia) right up to cardiac arrest, lactic acidosis, and haemolysis. Can you believe that, even though Propylene glycol is an approved food additive, it is prohibited for use in food for cats! Low-calorie artificial sweeteners, that were initially supposed to become the less harmful substitute for the refined sugar, are actually causing more harm to its consumers’ health than the latter. Moreover, the direct link between artificial sweeteners and the obesity epidemic has been scientifically proven. It is no wonder that the Immune system of people eating such nutrient-low food has no chance to resist such infections as Ebola. Staying healthy without Natural Enzymes is impossible – they are responsible for thousands of metabolic processes that sustain life. Food without Natural Enzymes is a stress for the organism which eventually leads to illness. Luckily for us, there are certain natural substances which can help our organism to adapt to all types of stress – the Natural Adaptogens. Even though the term ‘Adaptogens’ is relatively new (was introduced in 1947), the healing effect of Adaptogens has been scientifically and clinically proved. It has been also proved that the modern science is unable to offer any substitutes neither for Natural Enzymes, nor for Natural Adaptogens. Venienti occurrite morbo.                                          Prevention is better than cure. In spite of all the efforts of the conventional modern Medicine, in spite of all the new synthetic drugs introduced every year, the mankind is still haunted by the diseases that remain largely incurable – e.g. Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Psoriasis, Graves’ disease, Diabetes Type I, and other autoimmune and secondary immunodeficient diseases. The best prevention method of such diseases is regular consumption of Functional Foods & Beverages containing such health-giving additives as Nutraceuticals and Parapharmaceuticals with the thoroughly balanced Natural Adaptogens formulations. Wild animals don’t get Alzheimer’s disease or heart attacks, so why are these illnesses are so common among humans? Because our Dr Immunity, so often neglected by us, cannot withstand all the stresses of our surroundings. Unlike humans, wild animals follow their natural instincts in order to stay healthy. The majority of the currently availablecurativeremedies on the marketare sold to the consumer in the form of pills and capsules, which prevents any sensory detection of the remedy by its consumer. This is totally against what the Mother Nature intended. My original methodis based on the obligatory oral introduction of the remedy involving the direct consumer’s sensory detection of any prescribed remedy. In this case the Doctor’s professional decision on the remedy composition is either accepted or rejected by the way of patient’s sensory detection – which is exactly what the Mother Nature intended. One of my fundamental principles dictates that my remedies must be 100% manufactured under my personal control – thus they are “Made by the Specialist”. I carefully select only high-quality natural products from trusted sources. All the products that I produce are made without use of synthetic chemicals, pesticides or herbicides. Moreover, all my products are sustainable and Eco-Friendly as I believe that we have no moral right to cure ourselves whilst harming our environment. In many cases I am able to make the product with healing properties delicious as well; such product is one of my specialties – Functional Food or Functional Beverage with the thoroughly balanced Natural Adaptogens formulations. I recommend you to live in such a way that you don’t get sick in first place or, at the least, in such a way as to strengthen your immunity so that illness does not last as long as it might otherwise. I am offering you the opportunity to use my knowledge and experience to benefit your health. List of Adaptogens


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