Dr Kirichuk’s Adaptogenic Formulations – Powerful Weapons for Health-Defense

Maintaining our health balance can be compared to maintaining equilibrium by a rope-walker. Every time the equilibrium is upset, a rope-walker risks falling. Every time our health balance (Homeostasis) is upset, we risk falling into an abyss called illness.

Adaptogens in action

Our own and only safety equipment protecting us from illness is our Immunity balance (Immune Homeostasis). When our Immunity triumphs, we can make a recovery (restore our health balance), or even not get ill in the first place (manage to maintain our health balance).

By the way, the Latin word Immunitas means freedom or exemption from taxes or public service. And indeed: lack of Immunity makes us pay “the illness tax” – we all know the cost of treatment.

Therefore, the natural way to our health is strengthening our Immunity. So, what can we do to strengthen our Immunity?

Mother Nature has presented us with the most generous gift – a unique weapon for self-defense: the Natural Adaptogens. Adaptogens possess magical power – power required to maintain our health balance.

The Natural Adaptogens are herbs for Strength, Stamina and Stress Relief. They are non-toxic, produce a non-specific response to stress and balance the body for peak performance.

Here are some basic facts about the Natural Adaptogens:

  •  Increase humans’ body’s ability to resist to all known types of stress: physical, environmental pollution, etc.
  • Provide support for the overall defence function of our Immune System by a wide range of actions rather than by a single specific action
  • Are non-toxic and have no harmful “side” effects.
  • Are non-addictive
  • Tune the body system – therefore their effect is long lasting, unlike the effect of the conventional drugs which treat the symptoms, not the cause and provide only a short-term relief
Power of Adaptogens
Power of Adaptogens