What makes your adaptogenic range of products better than the natural herbal products of your competitors?
Throughout the evolution sensory mechanisms were adapted to analyse and recognise how the substances found in nature would affect organisms through taste and smell. This is what enables wild animals, when they get sick, to find the plants which they need to cure themselves. The same mechanism enables animals to avoid eating poisonous food.
The smell and taste of any product are detected by the nose and mouth sensory cells. Then these cells send information to the brain, which detects the information. Our natural instincts are triggered by the brain which receives the information about the smell and taste – this is what enables the brain to decide whether it is safe to consume that particular food or not.
In the wild nature any ‘good/healthy’ food is unambiguously recognised as ‘tasty’ food. Once our palettes detect tasty food, our brain is then triggered to produce the ‘hormones of happiness’ – endorphins. Endorphins boost our immune system and are the best remedy for depression.
Unfortunately, unlike wild animals, humans learned how to deceive their sensory cells in order to get artificial pleasure, primarily through the achievements of chemical industry and in detriment to their health. As far as the medications for humans are concerned, their real taste is hidden in the capsule casing and all you can do is hope that the prescribing doctor knows what he/she is doing.
So, what makes our approach and our products unique? All our products are 100% natural, which means that their taste and smell carries honest, true and correct information for the sensory cells. By using slow extraction, we effectively obtain biologically active substances and nutrients from organically grown plants. Combining such extracts into multicomponent compositions enables to achieve optimal balance and synergic effect. Creation of optimal extract compositions requires profound knowledge and experience in many fields of science, and, first of all, in Medicine.
Dr Iryna Kirichuk, who has 30 years of practical experience, has confidence in her knowledge and formulation skills and her ability to judge the quality of her products. Nevertheless, she believes it is absolutely necessary to make a double check for her every product by using the consumers’ natural sensory mechanisms – and this is what makes her original approach to the creation of medicinal formulations so unique.
Compare the taste and smell of our products with the products of other natural herbal formulations’ manufacturers. Never mind the brand; let your sensory cells guide your judgement. Ignore the label – choose only what you would like to swallow and reject all what you feel like spitting out. We are sure that our products will be much more appealing to your sensory cells.
The double check method is time proven. Dr Iryna Kirichuk always uses sensory control for her formulations and we are proud to say that this is the distinctive feature of our products.


One of the ingredients listed in your Medical Tinctures is food grade Ethanol. What is its role?
Ethanol plays an important role in any Medical Tinctures, including our products.
Ethanol’s acts as:

1. Organic extractant. Natural Ethanol is a unique, hiqh quality organic extractant of bioactive nutrients which our formulas are based upon. We use the cold extraction method; and the extractor we use is the Ethanol-water mixture. This method is the most effective and well-tried during thousands of years. A better method simply does not exist.

2. Natural preservative. Ethanol is a great natural preservative, and when its concentration reaches a certain level, no harmful bacteria and fungus have any chance to survive. We have chosen to use Ethanol as the best natural preservative to keep the nutrients from the plants in a stable form and to prevent mildewing of the plant material in the bottle. Using Ethanol allows us not to use any other preservatives in our products. Also by using Ethanol to preserve the stability and efficacy of the herbal ingredients increases the shelf-life of the product exponentially.

3. Non-allergenic natural metabolite, which means that Ethanol is continuously produced by human bodies from the very first day as an irreplaceable factor of human metabolism – Ethanol plays an important role in maintaining energy balance. This is why natural Ethanol does not cause any allergic reactions for anyone.

4. The best known delivery vehicle of bioactive nutrients on cellular level – another important Ethanol’s quality which we use in our formulas. Cellular membranes always ‘show green light’ to the natural Ethanol and the nutrients it is tied with.

5. Multiplier of positive effect. The last, but not the least: Ethanol significantly multiplies the effect of bioactive nutrients on living organisms. This is why the same dose of bioactive nutrients will have a stronger effect in the presence of Ethanol.

The dosage recommendations are made by Dr Kirichuk for her formulations taking into account the presence of Ethanol and all its qualities listed above.