My son and I have had a nasty viral flu which we couldn’t get rid of which started with a sore throat, fevers, chills, aches and pains and fatigue.  We tried Immune Defence oral drops made by Adaptogens New Zealand Ltd.  Within a few days we had improved, no fever or chills and our energy levels also improved.  We are still taking the drops five times a day.  I highly recommend these drops to anyone with flu/viral symptoms – they are a lifesaver.  I will definitely buy more for next year.
Thanks for a wonderful product.

Christina and Taylor



My wife and I have been using Immune defense for the past year. We are both extremely happy with the results. Being frequent travelers we are exposed to many flu’s and colds… That’s why its important for us to have a number of immune boosters to keep healthy. This one is a great natural way to support the immune system when you feel you are getting sick and also a very powerful ally when faced with a bad flu. we highly recommend it.

Vladimir Fanshil and Eleanor Lyons



Regarding the Medica Bohemica herbal tonic, I really like the taste of this tonic, it actually really tastes like it is so good for you!! I can especially taste the echinacea & cinnamon.
Both my husband & I have it in the evening over some ice, which is a lovely way to drink it.
It’s good to know i’m putting something into my body that has a lot of healthful benefits & even better to know it’s made right here in Puhoi where I live!

Well done Alex & Iryna


Puhoi Resident



I have taken the Adaptogenic Formula that Irina Kirichuk has produced and found it helped with my energy levels and my everyday health. Since I started taking it I have had no flu or colds. I would recommend it to other people.

Larisa King




I love using the 100% natural adaptogenic Immune Defence designed by Dr. Kirichuk.
For various reasons, such as:-
1. A lot of care and medical expertise has gone into its development.
2. Itʼs made in NZ and easily accessible.
3. It is a 100% natural product, and tastes great.
4. Easy to use from the dropper bottle.
5. Am on my third bottle and am doing very well.

Jill Church
Dairy Flat


I consulted with Dr Iryna over three months at a difficult time in my life, wanting an alternative, natural but professional approach to my physical ailments.
Dr Iryna requested and made good use of the conventional medical data I had available and offered practical, useful and effective advice including specific exercises as well as her delicious, personally hand-crafted adpatogens remedy.
I benefitted greatly and utterly recommend her and her remedies.

Barbara Reardon